Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welcome to COAST!

Welcome to a new upcoming lifestyle blog, COAST.

If you are wondering what is our blog is all about, let us give you a little insight:
COAST (n) part of land near the sea; (v) to move effortlessly and smoothly
From sunny Californian afternoons to illuminated New York City nights; a bi-coastal pair of independent accessory designers collaborate to curate a cohesive compilation of their common creative interests and influences. COAST is a home for all the random treasures in our daily lives as full-time students, entrepreneurs and underground artists on the rise. Join us on our journey as we coast through the industry of our dreams, equipped with the passion and determination to make an impact as monumental/renown as where we reside.
We are excited about this project and hope you guys are too. Please bookmark, favorite, and follow this blog and visit often! This is just the start, so expect tons of cool things coming your way. Thank you and keep coasting.

Meg and Kimmy