Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review: Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure #CSMTKO

Hey Guys! I just received my complimentary Influenster Sally Hansen voxbox that include three Sally Hansen® Complete Salon Manicure polishes in the colors below to try out. You can see my whole review on it if you continue reading. #CSMTKO

COLORS PROVIDED: #540 - Jaded (turquoise green), #510 - Pat On The Black (dark eggplant), #470 - Red My Lips (rich bright red)
Up close look of my nails after finishing painting them.

What are my first impressions? When applying the polish, it was quite easy to apply and I didn’t need a base coat or top coat as two of the benefit implied. It didn’t come out super streaky and not pigmented enough like other polishes I have tried. It only literally took me two coats and I was done, no need for a third or even fourth coat. Yes the brush design is a little big for my nails but hey it’s better than those super small brushes plus, I just have small hands to begin with. So I had to a little cleaning up around the edges, no big deal. The formula and the shine to it gives it a polish out of the salon look to it. The drying process was pretty quick, which is always a plus for someone like who who is impatient or needs to get things done. I was afraid even when dried I was immediately going to notice I have chipped it or smudged it within the first few hours after applying and nope none of that happened so far. Great for someone who is an art student like me!

So overall, when it comes to the 7 benefits it claims to do (base coast, strengthener, growth treatment, color, top coat, chip-resistant, and gel shine), did it do the trick? So far so good! (#CSMTKO) Looks like I need to go pick me up more colors for the upcoming Spring Season, I hear “Kook A Mango,” “Pink A Card”, and “I Lilac You” calling my name. Yet from the three recieved? I absolutely love “Pat On The Black” for the vampy eggplant color that is great for this current Winter season I’m living in.

Check out Influenster and Sally Hansen below:

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